How can you close the gap and secure the competitive advantage a progressive IT partner can give your business at an affordable cost?


Our managed technology package will deliver the results you need for your business at a price you can afford and budget for. 

More quality time with our experts.

With the traditional break-fix model that most small businesses still use, I.T. technicians will visit you on site to put out fires and deal with problems once they have occurred.

Proactive monitoring and prevention are the foundation of the managed technology model we offer. This allows us to offer time with our experts dedicated to improve technical and operational performance and plan for future growth.

Aligned Interests.

Traditional break-fix model relies on you experiencing problems in order for your It provider to generate a their revenue.

With managed technology service package, we are equally invested in your success and in preventing issues before they became expensive for either side. We commit to maintaining your network at optimal performance and if issues occur, we will fix these as part of the monthly fees paid.

Thus, the less disruption you experience the more profitable we are.

I.T. Applied with Discipline.

One of the main weakness of small business It systems is that they do whatever they can, whenever they can and make do with the internal knowledge they have between employees to maintain and develop their systems.

This leaves the business with huge blind spots. Our team of experts will establish standards and processes around your IT network and will go through the motions of maintaining these on a scheduled basis as part of our package, leaving your team to focus on their core tasks.

Risk Management.

The consistent maintenance and the expert advice we will apply to your IT infrastructure and digital systems will reduce significantly the business risk you carry and the losses you experience due to downtime, being derailed by issues and lost revenue due to missed opportunities and reduced productivity.

Full Integration.

Having the right tools for the job is not enough anymore. To obtain that competitive edge your team is after, your tools will need to work well and reliably together. We will also make sure that all new solutions are fully integrated and will drive productivity.

It is scalable.

We can grow our service with your business. Because we invest heavily in our own technology, develop streamlined, standardised operations and employ well-trained experts, we have the capability to serve a large number of endpoint users without any loss of service quality for our customers.

We are forward thinking in everything we do – your spending today will be geared for your growth tomorrow.

Competitive edge.

Because so many companies are struggling with these issues (and SMB will probably report even lower success rates), the ones that make I.T. and digital solutions and priority gain a competitive advantage that has a measurable impact on their efficiency and profitability.

What the big enterprises are doing now? 49% plan to increase their I.T. budgets and 47% will add skills and resources to their I.T. teams. 46% use outsourcing to access the skills they need and 32% plan to increase their outsourcing budgets. Why is that? Because 55% of the large-scale organisations realise that their I.T. – business goals alignment is “moderate” or worse and 68% do not have working enterprise-wide digital strategy, and they realise this is hurting their bottom line.

Improved processes.

Part of the managed services packages and one of the major value-adds is when the principles are applied properly and consistently you get better alignments between:

      • your work flows and business goaLs and your I.T. network 
      • all the applications you use
      • best practice standards and your own processes 
      • IT best practice and your own network and infrastructure 
      • your business interests and our business goals as your IT partner

Improved cyber security.

Cyber security is one of the major issues most businesses face today. This is the area where applied consistency and discipline delivers significant pay out. Set and forget is no longer a valid approach. It needs regular monitoring, reviews, updates, and staff training.

Managed technology service provider will be able to do all this for you and work with your team to develop long term strategy and sound processes around data backup and disaster recovery panning. And of course, in case of emergency or incident, to be able to get your business up and running again in very short time frame.

Predictable and manageable costs.

Our managed technology packages provide certainty around cost and certainty that you are getting the right solutions for your needs. Our technology road maps will help you plan for the future, prepare and maximise your technology ROI.

Access to skills and industry intel.

One of the issue most businesses experience is that quality IT professionals are hard to find and difficult to retain. Managed technology services are a way for many businesses to access more skill and IT industry intel than they can afford in house.

We are committed to continuous training and upskilling of our team and having the right people on board to ensure we provide high quality, reliable service to all our clients.
We are also part of global technology networks and work collaboratively with them sharing intelligence and knowledge. This allows us to reduce reaction times significantly and be highly effective dealing with complex issues and projects.

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