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Managed  IT Services

Certainty in business is a rare thing.  But we strive to offer it with four levels of managed IT services packages.  Designed to keep your business running you can be certain disruption from IT issues will be kept to a minimum – all for a fixed monthly cost.

We provide you with the proactive technology systems and support, including behind the scenes software that pre-empts and automatically fixes things before they become a problem.

And when the odd thing does occur that needs attention from one of our specialists, our Christchurch based BIT Assist helpdesk can sort it out fast.

We operate four pillars of support under our Managed Services model and would be pleased to be able to show you what we can do for your business;

BIT AIEP Diagram 

Business as Usual

If you value your investment in information technology and want to make the most of it, we are the right choice. We know how to maximize your investment in information technology – allowing you to get the most out of your dollars as you boost productivity and efficiency throughout the workforce.

Data security and cybersecurity

Our comprehensive multi-layered security solutions will ease your worries about pending cyber-attacks and hacking.  It is important to remember that along with preventative measures there also needs to be a company security policy and regular staff awareness training.  In case a nasty does get through a thorough recovery plan best contained as a comprehensive backup.

Our prevention packages include;

  • Email filtering
  • Staff awareness training
  • Workstation Antivirus
  • Server Security
  • Security Audits and system scans
  • Comprehensive backups to co-location

Cloud services

Peace of mind knowing that your data is securely stored within Business IT’s fully equipped data centre, providing the highest standards of storage, security and data backups, so you will have access to critical data no matter what happens.  We team up with Microsoft and other leading software cloud providers to offer the best could solution for your business.  Let us find the right solution for your business.

Case Study

Data recovery

Enterprise black

Services Provided:

Consultancy | Solutions

Our relationship with Enterprise Recruitment began back in 2002, looking after their Christchurch and Invercargill offices. We now look after them nationally.

Data backup and recovery

After the Canterbury earthquakes, Enterprise Recruitment wasn't able to access to their central city building. At that stage, Enterprise Recruitment was operating in a server environment and not having access to the building meant not having access to critical data. However, because we had backed up all their data off-site, we were able to get Enterprise Recruitment back up and running within just a day or two.

Growing with the business

When Enterprise Recruitment operated a server environment we provided a lot of on-site support. They are now in a hosted environment (cloud services) so they don’t see us very often, a positive thing they say, reflective of the fact that everything runs really well. Over the years, Enterprise Recruitment have been courted by other companies and they’ve checked the market a couple of times to see what other offerings are out there, but we’re very pleased to say our work for them continues.

Things they like about working with us:

  • Having access to the decision makers
  • Open line through to Mark (senior team leader) when they’ve had issues
  • We’re very responsive to getting issues resolved
  • Nothing’s ever a problem
  • We’ve kept Enterprise Recruitment up to date with IT, balancing that with the size of the business and their budget
  • Kept them as current as is possible without having to update and reinvent the wheel every 6 months
  • Provide hardware, making sure it’s current and up to date
  • We are their conduit for a lot of other IT (phone systems, etc.) that are housed on our servers or are part of Enterprise Recruitment’s infrastructure and have good relationships with these third party suppliers
  • We’re on top of any unintended consequences that might arise from decisions made at Enterprise Recruitment, eg. integrating a piece of software that has implications that were unforeseen
  • Our managed IT services gives Enterprise Recruitment a pretty accurate idea of cost making it a lot easier to budget and protect financials
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