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IT audits

Not sure where to start? By conducting our comprehensive IT audit on your systems we can evaluate your existing computer networks (including IT infrastructure, policies, operation and security) before recommending improvements.

Why get a comprehensive Business IT audit?

  • Find out if your IT controls protect corporate assets
  • Ensure that your data is secure and backup up
  • Align your IT with business objectives


Our experienced VCIO’s (Virtual Chief Information Officer) embrace innovation and new technology and help you maximize the value of your investment in information technology and ensure that you are leveraging the right solutions with a sound business case behind them.

What is the benefit of our VCIO partner services?

  • A main point of contact that will be familiar with your company, your systems and the goals that you have set.
  • Cost effective, you can leverage our VCIO services without having to invest in your own.
  • Consultation and regular communication regarding activity, network health and general advice to help you make better business decisions.
  • Technology reviews that are designed to assist with your growth and highlight any anticipated challenges that we will work through with you.
  • Offer assistance with budgeting your short and long-term Capital expenditure and IT Operating expenses
  • Works with our Network Administrator’s to align your Business with IT industry best practices.

Technology roadmaps

Together, we’ll come up with a plan around specific technology solutions that’s in sync with your short and long-term business goals, specifically how technology will support achieving these.

Why you need a technology roadmap?

  • To help forecast and align your business with developments in technology
  • To help set a plan and coordinate these developments
  • Draw up a timeline of initiatives and projects to occur
  • Know where IT investment is best spent

Digital Strategy

A Digital strategy enables businesses to move forward with innovation and a good digital strategy executed will assist operations to gain efficiencies and stay current with technology.  For example, you may be thinking about moving from a paper-based system to a digital system, but where do you start?  We can help you with that by creating a plan and options for you.

How can we help with your Digital Strategy?

  • Plan which technologies you will invest in
  • Research and test technology options for your consideration
  • Make recommendations
  • Work with technology partners to implement systems
  • Support you through and after the implementation has occurred

Case Study

Seamless network transition

toni walker black

Services Provided:

Consultancy | Support

We’ve been on board with Toni Walker Chartered Accountants for a few years now and act as their vCIO (virtual chief information officer). We also worked with them to design a new network.

As a chartered accountancy firm, Toni and the team rely on operating a smart and nimble network. When their old one had become too slow and it was time to update, we presented a range of system options that would improve workflows.

Overall we’ve improved the system by aligning the hardware and fibre needs with the software used by the firm.

When it came time for the changeover, we ran a soft install so as not to disrupt business. Keeping the old network fully functional while we downloaded data to the new system, meant the transition was smooth with staff downtime kept to an absolute minimum of around an hour.

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