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Case Study

Data recovery

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Services Provided:

Consultancy | Solutions

Our relationship with Enterprise Recruitment began back in 2002, looking after their Christchurch and Invercargill offices. We now look after them nationally.

Data backup and recovery

After the Canterbury earthquakes, Enterprise Recruitment wasn't able to access to their central city building. At that stage, Enterprise Recruitment was operating in a server environment and not having access to the building meant not having access to critical data. However, because we had backed up all their data off-site, we were able to get Enterprise Recruitment back up and running within just a day or two.

Growing with the business

When Enterprise Recruitment operated a server environment we provided a lot of on-site support. They are now in a hosted environment (cloud services) so they don’t see us very often, a positive thing they say, reflective of the fact that everything runs really well. Over the years, Enterprise Recruitment have been courted by other companies and they’ve checked the market a couple of times to see what other offerings are out there, but we’re very pleased to say our work for them continues.

Things they like about working with us:

  • Having access to the decision makers
  • Open line through to Mark (senior team leader) when they’ve had issues
  • We’re very responsive to getting issues resolved
  • Nothing’s ever a problem
  • We’ve kept Enterprise Recruitment up to date with IT, balancing that with the size of the business and their budget
  • Kept them as current as is possible without having to update and reinvent the wheel every 6 months
  • Provide hardware, making sure it’s current and up to date
  • We are their conduit for a lot of other IT (phone systems, etc.) that are housed on our servers or are part of Enterprise Recruitment’s infrastructure and have good relationships with these third party suppliers
  • We’re on top of any unintended consequences that might arise from decisions made at Enterprise Recruitment, eg. integrating a piece of software that has implications that were unforeseen
  • Our managed IT services gives Enterprise Recruitment a pretty accurate idea of cost making it a lot easier to budget and protect financials

“They moved heaven and earth to get us back up and running promptly”

Ian McPherson

Enterprise Recruitment


Case Study

Seamless network transition

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Services Provided:

Consultancy | Support

We’ve been on board with Toni Walker Chartered Accountants for a few years now and act as their vCIO (virtual chief information officer). We also worked with them to design a new network.

As a chartered accountancy firm, Toni and the team rely on operating a smart and nimble network. When their old one had become too slow and it was time to update, we presented a range of system options that would improve workflows.

Overall we’ve improved the system by aligning the hardware and fibre needs with the software used by the firm.

When it came time for the changeover, we ran a soft install so as not to disrupt business. Keeping the old network fully functional while we downloaded data to the new system, meant the transition was smooth with staff downtime kept to an absolute minimum of around an hour.

"I’ve been around over 25 years in my practice and it was the best install of a new server that we’ve done."

Toni Walker

Toni Walker Chartered Accountant


Case Study

CCTV installation

Naturally pure NZ logo

Services Provided:

Consultancy | Support

Naturally Pure NZ specialises in exporting premium bottled New Zealand water. Our professional relationship with them dates back many, many years.

We are their sole IT service provider and manage everything for them, including break/fix, hardware procurement and supply, data housing and cloud services, as well as the installation and monitoring of a CCTV security system.

When outsourcing, you’re looking for expertise you don’t have in house; IT services can be a bit of a business black hole in terms of knowing what you need. Our managed IT services not only let Naturally pure NZ budget quite accurately with a fixed monthly fee, it also allows the team peace of mind knowing they have professional support when they need it, within their own business.

Naturally Pure NZ receives support in a number of ways: on a monthly basis as part of their package, through our BIT Assist helpdesk, and also directly with key staff when needed.

Another service we’ve worked with Naturally Pure NZ on establishing is their CCTV system. This project involved a site visit and assessment, scoping of the work, installation and implementation. We also monitor it as part of our total services.

“It’s an extension of the complete peace of mind service we’ve already got.”

Brett Tucker

Naturally pure NZ


Case Study

On the move?

Benson Insurance Logo resized

Services Provided:


Benson insurance are a small team and long-term partner of Business IT. Due to them moving to a new office location, we were tasked with procuring new hardware and operating system software upgrade, migrating all their data and replicating the setup of their current systems on the new machines.

We presented them with a solution that best suit their business needs, keeping in mind the systems and the processes they use. One of their work stations was set up as a file and database server. All their data was migrated in a way that fully aligned with the way they work and their expectations for minimal disruption. We also ensured their back up systems were installed and running optimally. Configured antivirus software for all new machines.

Chris Cato led this project and managed the whole process from the planning stage to the onsite move for our partner with support from our procurement team.
He performed the fundamental steps and liaised with 3rd party support to perform final specific tasks to the software to bring the database online successfully.

There was a hiccup on the day as the furniture was not there when Chris arrived onsite. The movers were delayed throughout the day and our work onsite was unable to be completed. But we are good at working around unforeseeable events and the job was rescheduled and completed successfully regardless.

Now the firm can rely on the upgraded, faster and more robust IT infrastructure built to suit their current and future needs and focus on enjoying their new premises.

This is the message we received from Chris Benson afterwards:

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service from Business IT in my purchase of new computers and office shift.
Chris Cato proved again he is a real quality IT guy going above the call of duty to get us up and running as soon as possible. Everything is really top quality, and so I thought it needed to be recognised.
Many, many thanks!"

Chris Benson BCom LLB QIB AIINZ FIBANZ Director, Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd

Benson Insurance Brokers


Case Study

Managed IT services

Hartnell Coolheat logo

Hartnell Coolheat is an award winning air-conditioning, heating and ventilation company for a range of both residential and commercial clients. 

We have been a customer of Business I.T. since late 2017 and they are providing us with their premium managed IT service. 

The issues we experienced prior to Business I.T.’s involvement were connectivity and an unacceptable level of downtime. As with a number of Business I.T. clients, we operate out of more than one site, having the main office in Christchurch, a branch in Rangiora & a staff member operating remotely on Perth, Western Australia.

During the onboarding process, Business I.T. have done a new set up for us including:

  • Upgraded and updated our existing infrastructure 
  • Installed two new servers at Business I.T. hosting infrastructure
  • Migrated our data and applications
  • Set up Office 365 cloud service, users and completed the migration process. 

As part of Hartnell Coolheat’s managed IT service, they also look after our network security, provide a secure VPN connection between our sites, manage our backup system and provide disaster recovery solutions.

We also utilize their help desk and onsite support at a fixed price per endpoint. We are pleased to report we seldom use this apart from an occasional request to set up new users, indicating they have our systems running at optimal performance.

Business I.T. run regular assessments on our network to ensure all systems are well configured and operating efficiently. With remote monitoring and early intervention Business I.T. are able to notice irregularities resulting in system reliability with improved ‘up time’ currently sitting above 99%.

Why we like working with Business I.T.?

  • We now have the technology needed to keep our business running well and performing reliably. The stress we had experienced due to poor performance of our IT is now gone.
  • Their service covers our needs and allows us to easily budget for IT moving forward.
  • Quick response and fast resolution from the support team.
  • Business I.T. delivered significant improvement over our previous provider confirms we made the right choice in changing to Business I.T. with immediate response times & the availability of skilled technicians when required to resolve any problem.
Chris Hartnell
Founder & Managing Director

We now have the technology needed to keep our business running well and performing reliably. The stress we had experienced due to poor performance of our IT is now gone.

Business I.T. delivered significant improvement over our previous provider confirms we made the right choice in changing to Business I.T. with immediate response times & the availability of skilled technicians when required to resolve any problem.

Chris Hartnell

Hartnell Coolheat Ltd


Case Study

New retail store fitout


Services Provided:

Consultancy | Solutions

Business IT has been working together with Animates to complete new store fit outs since 2007.  During that time, Animates has grown to include 58 stores and veterinary practices, and Business IT is proud to have been at their side for each of them carrying out works that include structured cabling, alarms, CCTV, and of course implementing their retail systems.

Our latest project with Animates has been in Whangarei.  For this store fit out, Business IT were responsible for:

  • IT Hardware Procurement and Installation
  • HP Retail Systems
  • Structured Cabling – Data
  • Structured Cabling – Alarm
  • Structured Cabling – CCTV
  • DSC Alarm Installation and Configuration
  • AXIS CCTV Installation and Configuration

We were involved with the project from the start providing advice on planning of the IT infrastructure needed for the seamless operation of the retail store, pet grooming service and veterinary clinic. We worked with the project manager and with their builder and other suppliers to coordinate the delivery of all the IT projects within their timeframe. The full scope of the IT work onsite was completed in three stages to ensure the smooth and timely progress of the whole build. We are proud to say the Animates store in Whangarei was welcoming clients ahead of time.

“Animates have utilised the varying skills and services from the Business IT team in our clinic and store fit outs for a number of years now, and appreciate the ‘extra’ effort that their team go to in completing their works to get us open and trading on time– sometimes during very difficult ‘greenfield builds’, where other trades and contractors have caused delays and slowing projects.
In these examples, Business IT have demonstrated their passion for Animates and the belief that their client’s needs are utmost, and where possible driven tasks to completion outside of their usual scope.
We appreciate and thank them for their service.”

Michaell Marshall

Animates NZ Holdings Ltd.