With increased use of personal devices for work and use of social media on work stations, the divide between work and personal is almost non existent. Personal devices are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks and can provide access to your business file servers and networks.

Reminding everyone on a regular basis to be vigilant pays off as your team are the first line of defense when it comes to cyber security, but can also be the weakest link. Especially now in the leadup to the festive season when everyone is shopping and booking their summer travel online.

There have been many leaks reported lately from global retail and tourism outlets with massive databases that are now in circulation and as a result, you might find yourself a target of quite sophisticated scam campaigns. Some might even use an old password of yours to try to convince you they already have access to your personal data and thus making you feel like it is safe to share even more information with them. Like a current password you are using... 

Other scams worth mentioning again are fake notifications from courtier companies.Who wouldn't get excited by another Christmas gift? Do not share anything before you are certain that there really is a parcel waiting to be delivered to you.

We are seeing a spike in scams going around via messengers and emails with malicious attachments and embedded links.So please do check before you click.

There are also various versions going around of shared file email notifications or invitations to review documents on services like OneDrive, SharePoint, Drobox etc. They are becoming really good of late, being sent from the actual email of people you know with believable signatures, no typos, and even well placed work related file names.

Personal phones and tablets can easily become the gateway of malware to your business network. They can also host third party scrips that can run up huge bills on your mobile accounts. 

Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to work through the steps of our IT health checklist after the holidays and repeat that on a regular basis in 2019!

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