Donation Sydenham Cricket Club

We were approached last week by our local Cricket Club with a sponsorship request that caught our attention.

They needed an iPad and tripod for their coaching team to do video analysis of games and training as they are focusing on injury prevention with the young players. It has become a necessity as many young people have had to stop playing cricket at a young age, due to stress injuries, which could have been prevented by early detection. This is something no parent would like to see happening to anyone!

As part of these efforts, the club has employed one of New Zealand’s most qualified cricket coaches, Maria Lankeshwar (nee Fahey), ex White Fern as their head coach.  Maria has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in coaching, but also in psychology, injury prevention, and is a real asset to the club. She will also be driving the injury prevention programme along her other duties. 

Yesterday we helped them with the next step in this process. We were thrilled to provide the equipment they needed and set up the device to help them make the most out of it.

Sydenham Cricket Club do an amazing job coaching these young people! Now they will be able to better record their players in action to help them improve their game and realise their potential. And more importantly – prevent injuries!

We strongly believe that through supporting our local organisations we can make a difference. We are really happy to be playing even a small part helping young people enjoy and stay longer in the game they love and become our next sporting superstars!