BusinessIT Mobile Devices Security

Protect your device - switch on PIN/password protection/fingerprint/face recognition function on for all your mobile devices. Set up more than a single finger when using fingerprint recognition – that is just useful tip, not a security requirement:)


Don’t use predictable passwords and the most common ones as well. “password” is not really a password.


Change all manufacturer’s default passwords the devices are issued with before distribute the devices to your team.


Review your online accounts, fortify old passwords and enable 2Factor authentication where possible.


Do not reinforce regular password changes, but do make sure that all passwords on all devices are changed if there is a suspicion your network is compromised.


Provide secure storage for staff to record their passwords and keep them safe but not with the device.


Ensure people can reset their own passwords easily.


Configure your devices so that they can be tracked, remotely wiped or remotely locked if stolen or lost.


Keep your devices’ operating systems and all installed applications up to date, using automatically update if available.


Remove all applications that you do not currently use. We download apps out of curiosity or for specific use. Once you are done – uninstall.


Be careful what applications you install in the first place and review what information they will collect from your device before you do.


Don’t use free or public Wi-Fi when sending sensitive data and generally avoid using them. If you have to, make sure that public networks are not saved and you automatically login when in the area. Use mobile data on your device or tethering, wireless dongles or VPNs.


Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions if you don’t use them at the moment.


Replace devices that are no longer supported by manufacturers.


Use antivirus applications and scan your devices regularly.


Consider using a password manager and make sure the master password (the one that will unlock the access to all your other passwords) is a strong one.


Set up a cloud backup for all devices. This way all data will be stored in a separate location and will be quickly accessible from anywhere if required.


Be aware who you share your device with – most of us have tons of personal information on our devices, our work emails and access to cloud services are often set up there as well.


Wipe (factory reset) your device before you pass it on to someone else.


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