As the number of instances of cyber attacks and the strategies hackers use are on the rise, addressing weak points around security awareness and knowledge in your network is now even more crucial to reduce the impact of malware, ransomware, and other compromises on your business.

Your staff are the first line of defence. They can also be the weakest link.

In every organisation, there are people who are well aware of the cybersecurity risks, but there are also people who are generally not tech savvy and people who tend to underestimate the risks and their impact on the business.

Most of the breaches happen through phishing scams, which rely on manipulating people into performing actions to give access to networks or divulging confidential information (also known as social engineering).

Phishing Stats 2018

Sources: 2018 Webroot Threat Report, Ponemon Institute survey, 2018 Global Cyber Megatrends

To help you provide proper training to your staff we can activate and run for you Webroot Security Awareness Training on top of themain Webroot cybersecurity protection tool.

Arrow gradient  This is a clever little piece of software that we can set up to test the cyber safety awareness among your staff, uses a fully featured phishing simulator and extensive learning management system.

Arrow gradient  This will reduce significantly the security breach instances due to staff being able to recognise threats and increased general cyber security awareness.

Arrow gradient  A range of reports are provided as part of the service to help identify weak spots within the network and improve decision making around cyber security.

Arrow gradient  Based on the simulation campaign results we will be able to direct users to specific purpose built courses. Through the reporting features, we will track the overall progress along with the completed training for each individua.

Arrow gradient  Overall, the add-on provides clear view of the level of awareness and preparedness across the business.


Webroot Security Awareness Training Overview from Webroot on Vimeo.

How the simulations and courses are kept up to date?

Webroot have direct visibility into the latest threats facing users around the world, and they have developed global machine learning threat intelligence approach that uses information on threats detected from millions of Webroot-protected devices globally.

The threat intelligence collected allows us to incorporate real-world threats into the simulations and is reflected in the courses that will be assigned to your staff.

What to know more?

For more information or to activate this option for your team, please do contact us at 0800 248 277 or – one of our network admins will be on the other side of the line to assist you.