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Zenis Ransomware

This virus is particularly dangerous because it attacks the very thing that is supposed to be able to save us if we are infected - The ever important BACKUP.

Here is what you need to know about Zenis;

1. Researchers believe that it is possibly spreading through a vulnerability tied to remote desktop services, so be vigilant when using remote desktop services. 

2. Zenis overwrites backups which means you need a backup solution that is not stored on your production machine, a multi layered approach with co-location backup is important.

If you are wanting to fight back, it is important to;

  •  Educate your staff members about what ransomware is and how it can infect your system.

  • Have a security solution that is up to date against the latest ransomware - Business IT can help with a comprehensive security and backup package.

  • Backing up your data frequently so that in the case that a nasty does get through, you are able to restore a previous version of your data.

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